Honey Types & Information

Batch of 4oz Muth bottles. Bees wax seal with bee charm.

The Sweet Stuff

Joe’s great Maple Honey read all about it.


Blackberry Honey  *  Blue Mountain Wildflower Honey
Fireweed Honey  *  Creamed Maple Honey  *  Rabbit Brush Honey
Maple Honey  *  Creamed Fireweed Honey  *  Buckwheat Honey
Alfalfa Honey * Creamed Wildflower

These wonderful varietal honeys are all from Washington state. Location and weather make a big difference in the taste of real honey. Taste the difference between Whidbey Island, Skagit and Darrington Blackberry honey. A few of our honeys are from hot weather crops (something we just don’t have here on the coast). Those honeys are from across the mountains. Be sure to taste this years offerings before we run out.

Warning: If you have an allergy to alfalfa, soy, buckwheat or rabbit brush do NOT purchase honeys from the eastern side of the state. Cross contamination (bees from one hive do not feed on just one flower type) can cause allergic reactions.