Stan Kolesnikov (K Brother’s Pollination and Honey)

stanStan, his brother, father-in-law work with the bees.  In 2013 Stan added his first non-family employee.  His sister oversees the accounting.

Stan and his siblings are second-generation beekeepers: their father and uncle both kept honeybees in Uzbekistan. When Stan was in his 20’s he started keeping bees here in the U.S. while working with Lynn Haitt, of Haitt and Son’s Honey Company.  When Lynn retired, Stan purchased Lynn’s operation and created K Brothers Pollination and Honey.

No pesticides and no antibiotics are used K Brother’s hives. Stan uses essential oils, including spearmint and lemongrass, in a food-grade-oil patty to help the bees keep their immune systems up to speed and battle varroa mites.

Stan’s use of essential oils has given his bees a great survival rate, but nothing in nature is static and new issues arise. His bees are lucky, because Stan says he really enjoys the challenges of keeping the bees healthy and alive.

At this time we offer K Brother’s Buckwheat Honey, Alfalfa Honey, Rabbit Brush Honey and Blue Mountain Wildflower
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