Bruce Bowen (Bowen’s Bees)

Bruce is on the left, I'm in the middle and Pat is on the right. This was at our club's summer pot luck.

Bruce is on the left, I’m in the middle and Pat is on the right. This was at our club’s summer pot luck.

Bruce Bowen, owner of Bowen’s Bees, keeps his bees in the Skagit valley after his bees come back from the almonds in California. Bruce has been keeping bees for over 40 years. He began small with a friend in the 1970’s hauling bees down to California for pollinating and then took a short break. By the early 1980’s he was up and running his own business and hasn’t looked back. He likes to call his business a ‘hobby that’s gone wrong’. By the mid 1980’s it was getting too big for just one guy to do every last thing so he lured Pat Ray out of retirement. Pat is a fourth generation beekeeper. He spent a lot of his early life in the Peace Corp teaching others how to keep bees. For over ten years Pat was co-owner of Belleville Honey in Burlington. He sold the company and thought to take his trailer traveling. He ‘traveled’ just down the road to Bruce’s place. Pat is involved in every aspect of the business but you can see him at the three markets (Mount Vernon Market, Bow Farmer’s Market and Sedro-Wooley Market) where he sells Bruce’s honey.

Bowen’s Bees produces their famous Skagit Valley Blackberry/Wildflower and on good years an early Maple Honey and some fine Fireweed Honey. Stop by to see what the bees were up to this year.