Brad Raspet

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Brad Raspet, Bingaling Bees

Brad Raspet started out beekeeping in April of 2011 when he placed his first 4 colonies along the Skagit and Samish Rivers (and joined Skagit Beekeepers Assoc.). The following year, he retired after twenty-nine years with Renton Fire and jumped into beekeeping with both feet by starting sixteen more honey bee colonies. His business, Bingaling Bees, is located in Mount Vernon, Washington and has twenty-four hives placed with seven host-property owners in the foothills of the Skagit Valley. He takes great pride in the quality of his honey. (As he should!) He follows natural beekeeping methods, never putting anything into the hives that could be harmful to our bees or the environment (no pesticides/no anti-biotics). His honey is never heated and is only gently strained so that you can enjoy premium “natural” or “raw” honey right from the hive, with the subtle flavors, beneficial phytonutrients, and healthy antioxidants that should be in your honey. His Wildflower Honey can be found at the Mount Vernon Saturday Farmers Market and is available in 12oz bears, 16oz jars, 24oz bears, or 12oz chunk honey jars. He also¬† uses his own honey & beeswax in 8 Varieties of handmade beekeeper soaps & 4 varieties of handmade lip balms.