Belleville Honey Company

Eric Thompson has been with Belleville Honey since 1982. He bought out the other partners in 1996 and has made a family business of it. His dad, Hank, can be found at the store sight most days and is the voice you hear on the phone. Last year when they had a truck/bee mishap his sister could be seen on television answering questions. Belleville pollinates in three states California, Montana and Washington. They have over 7,000 hives. They are by far the largest honey producer I’ve worked with. Hank says most of their honey is sold by the barrel and can be found all over the country. I’ve had a peek in their extracting room and was over whelmed. Boxes of frames go through the process at one time. The honey is warmed and shot through tubes to another room where it is pushed through a sock like material to strain out large bee bits. The honey is kept under 120 degrees so is still considered raw. Since they pollinate in three different states I have to be selective in what honeys I am picking up. Only Washington State honey on my market table. Belleville is best known for their blueberry and raspberry honey from up and down the I-5 corridor. Their blackberry and wildflower is pretty darn good too. Although Belleville honey is sold at most local markets not everyone is up front with their labeling. That means that Belleville honey isn’t always getting the credit for all their hard labor. Be sure to drop by the table to see what Belleville is putting out this year.