Muskovy Ducks

I got a phone call in May asking if I had any fertile duck eggs. The woman on the phone wanted a dozen to send to her Mom in the midwest and she didn’t have anything to send at this time. I had 11 ducks laying so I had plenty. She picked them up at my office and we never met. She did call to thank me and ask if she couldn’t trade me a pair of Muskovy Ducks to say thank you. I wasn’t really sure that I wanted another pair of ducks. After some extensive reading and a lot of information from the Muscovy Duck lover I changed my mind and thought I would give it a try.

The ducks were delivered the second week of August. They are only 5 months old but I am sold on their personality and quiet nature. The male is very large and a beautiful iridecent green and blue. He doesn’t have his caruncles yet but they should develope over the winter and look great for the summer. The hen is gray and white and about half the size of the male. Neither one of them make noise. Unlike the other ducks that wake us up at night and early morning. At this time we are noticing that their behaviors (favorite hang outs and feeding habits) are more like the geese that we have had than the ducks we now have.

I am hoping to breed them next year to increase their numbers. The males get aggressive as they get larger (with each other) so having more than one would not be good with the small area we provide. With that in mind we plan on raising the males for meat and keeping the females for egg production. I would be open to giving away some of the ducks or trading them out as well.