Freedom Rangers – Great Meat Birds

We have tried raising several varieties of meat birds for the table. After a few seasons we selected Freedom Rangers as the breed for us. They all arrive alive (not as common as you might think) and they are hardy birds with barely any loss before butchering time. We keep them in the kitchen for the first two weeks (not required but we like to condition them to the other animals, us and all the noise) and then out to the garage until they are fully feathered. It’s still pretty cold around here when throw them into the hen house so we like to make sure they are ready for it.

20150508_171537box o chick 2

Freedom Rangers are great foragers and are healthy enough to roam our yard for their last two months. They offer a darker more flavorful meat for the table. If you are thinking about raising chickens for the table we strongly suggest you give these birds a try.