Farm Happenings

Making Queens

Rob came over last Monday to graft some queens. There are now eight virgin queens. Today he came back and we made up 2 breeder nucs and a split for me. Tomorrow I’ll pick up the queens on the way home and pop them in. Anyone on the island need a queen? Call Rob

25 Apr 2016

Fun Saturday Nights


What’s this you ask? It’s me sitting on the extractor trying to settle it down with an uneven load. The fun you can have on a farm on a Saturday night!

23 Apr 2016

Market Ready

market boothThis year’s market is heading into the fourth week in Coupeville. The weather has been great. It’s been very nice to see my customers from last year and many tourists new to the island this year. Come on down and try some of Washington’s best honeys.


19 Apr 2016

Rooster Fights

Took the dogs for a walk and this was what we came home to. These two need to sort out who’s in charge between the two of them because the Buckeye Rooster isn’t taking any guff from either of them.

13 Apr 2016

First Swarm of the Season


At Market and I get a call about a swarm. Can’t pass that up! Thank goodness I have such a wonderful husband who met me in town with all the gear. We got these guys loaded into a box and the next day relocated them to Case Farm.

09 Apr 2016

Morning Walk

Living in the country has it’s pros and cons. (Heck, where I live many people wouldn’t even call it ‘the country’.) One of the ‘cons’ was most noticeable this past week during one of our winter wind storms. We were with out power for a few days. We conserved water (no power not well pump) and made sure the wood stove was lit. This happened twice this past week since we were hit by back to back storms. Not big a problem for us but I’m pretty sure my coworkers were happy when I had access to hot showers again! We chose to look at all the ‘pros’ of living a bit out of the way. The biggest blessing for me would be the beauty that surrounds us. I can’t tell you how much I enjoy our morning dog walks. It’s hard to believe that we are so lucky to live in such an incredible place.

22 Mar 2016

Basil Beds

This is the earliest we’ve ever gotten the basil planted. It was 70 degrees in the shaded beds with the lids up! John and Winston were a big help. We didn’t realize how big Winston was until he just walked over the front of the bed and curled up in the box. I think the compost was a big draw for him. I know we weren’t thrilled with him in the house! Can’t wait for the basil to be ready. We planted Red Basil, Genovese Basil and Mammoth Leaf Basil. I love the smell of the basil drying in the house we then mix them all together to make the best dried basil. Ever.

19 Mar 2016

Winston Neuter Saga

Poor Winston. He was too limber with the inflatable cone and was able to get to the sutures. He has now graduated to the large rigid cone. He walks into tables, walls and buildings. Is it wrong that I still giggle about it?

12 Mar 2016

Warm Days are Buzzy


We weren’t the only ones that headed out into the sunshine yesterday morning. All five hives were buzzing. Between the bees, the birds and the sunshine it was a great day in the garden.

06 Mar 2016

Recycle Dog to the Rescue

On the off chance you think I make this stuff up, here’s another shot of Winston Recycling. He isn’t happy with grabbing things off the street…no, this dog digs cans and bottles out of the blackberry brambles and trots them all the way home.

29 Feb 2016