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Recycling Winston

winston 2 winston 1Winston always brings something back from his walks. Sometimes it a fence post sometimes it’s a leaf. Lately I’ve been trying to decide if he has a drinking problem or one of the neighbors just has poor taste in wine.

26 Feb 2016

Early, Early Spring

early springLast year we were commenting on how early flowers were out and spring was coming. Now it’s mid February and the daffodils are already full bloom. This summer is going to be interesting with the bees.

15 Feb 2016


turkeys and springTurkey Fest 2016. The early bulbs are very early so the turkeys think it’s time to get going too. Hope no hen decides to try for a clutch this month.

07 Feb 2016

Unexpected Gifts


I received this book from the grandmother-in-law of a coworker. It’s an early 1900’s edition.

She enjoyed the honey and I loved this book. The photos alone are worth the time to look.

28 Jan 2016

Wet Whidbey

whidbey rice

We had a really we month last month and it’s keeping up this month too. It’s a sense of humor that keeps farmers farming.

17 Jan 2016

What’s New Here

As usual I think I’m going to keep up on everything. Last year with a grandbaby on the way I failed, spectacularly. Let’s just say I’m glad the bees are still alive and that the garden is somewhere under all that jungle. Winston added another hundred pounds to his bulk and the rest of us were fortunate enough to add another year to our age. The first market of the season is starting up and I’m looking forward to trying to do it all, again.

06 Jan 2016

Swarm #3

On the way home from the Coupeville Farmers Market I got a call from a friend that she thought she saw a swarm of bees as they were driving north out of town. I had to head out that way to get home so told her I would check it out. Turns out that she had pretty good eye sight at 55mph. There was a small swarm hanging out on a mile marker. Hubby was a bit tired of getting swarms at this point so I called a friend to come get it. Turns out he was on another swarm call! The bees waited patiently and he showed up about 15 minutes later. Was just happy they were getting into a safe place.

06 Jun 2015

Swarm #2

Got the call while I was at the Oak Harbor Farmers Market that someone had a swarm. Called John to meet me after market with all the gear. He’s such a great guy that he did it without any grumbling. The swarm was a bit high in a pine tree off the driveway. This is a pretty densely populated subdivision but the bees didn’t seem to care. We were the main attraction for the evening but it all went smoothly and no one got stung. We were allowed to cut the branch off and put the whole bunch into the ‘attic’ of their new home. We left the box in the front yard over night. Friday we showed up after work and trucked them back to that farm.

05 Jun 2015

Winston vs Hammock Chair

Winston-0, Hammock Chair-1

02 Jun 2015

A Day to Dye

I’ve decided to dabble in spinning as well as knitting. It seemed like a perfectly insane idea so I jumped at it. I was lucky to be asked if I wanted to go to a dye in. Boy, did I! We tried several different methods with different types of fiber and yarns. It was a long day but I learned a lot. Here’s some of what we did.

31 May 2015